Spotlight on Maria Davila: Finance Director at Kitchell CEM

Meet Kitchell’s Finance Director Maria Davila, an essential part of our business. Accounting is a crucial part of our business, and in her role, Maria oversees companywide budgeting, forecasting, project accounting, and contract management. Her responsibilities ensure financial accuracy, support strategic planning, and maintain fiscal responsibility across all projects and departments within the organization. With her extensive experience and dedication, Maria plays a pivotal role in driving the financial success and operational efficiency of Kitchell CEM. Let’s learn more about Maria and her commitment to Kitchell.

Maria graduated from Sacramento State in 2012 and soon after became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She has over 15 years of experience in accounting, working across various sectors, including construction, governmental, and public accounting industries. Specifically, within Public Accounting, she focused heavily on Education and Non-Profits. Her diverse background has equipped her with a broad skill set and a deep understanding of financial management. Maria has been part of the Kitchell team for over 8 years, bringing her experience to support the company’s financial operations and strategic initiatives.

The vision of leading innovation in everything Kitchell does is a major influence on why Maria stays with the company. Additionally, she finds it incredibly pleasant to work with all the employees at Kitchell, genuinely feeling that everyone deeply cares about their work and each other. This supportive and innovative environment makes Kitchell an exceptional place for her to grow and contribute.

Maria’s personal goal is to continue growing both personally and professionally. She aspires to enhance her leadership skills, foster innovation, and contribute to Kitchell’s success. Professionally, she aims to leverage her expertise to enhance the company’s financial strategies and operational efficiencies. She is also dedicated to mentoring and developing the next generation of finance professionals within the company. Outside of work, Maria is an active member of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), which keeps her connected with industry peers and updated on best practices in construction financial management.

Maria finds great satisfaction in planning and implementing new processes that enhance Kitchell CEM’s financial reporting and analysis. The opportunity to drive effectiveness and efficiency keeps her motivated and excited to come to work every day. Knowing that her efforts contribute to the company’s success and seeing the tangible results of her work keeps her energized and passionate about her role.

Away from work, Maria enjoys spending time with her husband, their two children, Sofia and Samuel, and their extended family. Family time is very important to her, and she cherishes the moments they spend together, whether it’s family outings, playing games, or simply enjoying each other’s company.

Maria was inspired to work in the construction industry because of the tangible impact construction projects have on communities and the economy. She loves the collaborative effort required to bring these projects to life and finds the innovation and problem-solving involved both challenging and rewarding.

Outside of work, Maria actively engages with her community. She is a board member of the Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center, contributing to initiatives that uplift and empower residents. Additionally, she serves on her children’s School Site Council, advocating for educational excellence.

One aspect that sets Maria apart from her colleagues is her ability to blend analytical thinking with creative problem-solving. She thrives on finding innovative solutions while maintaining a strong foundation in data-driven insights. In her free time, Maria enjoys reading, a hobby that allows her to relax and unwind while expanding her knowledge and perspective.

Maria chooses to work at Kitchell because of its commitment to innovation. Kitchell provides an environment where learning is constant, change is embraced, and professional growth is encouraged. This dynamic atmosphere keeps her motivated and engaged every day. Additionally, she finds fulfillment in nurturing talent and refining processes, making Kitchell an ideal place for her professional journey.

Maria Davila exemplifies the qualities of a dedicated and innovative finance professional. Her journey at Kitchell CEM is marked by her commitment to financial excellence, her passion for continuous growth, and her unwavering support for her colleagues and community. Maria’s leadership and expertise have been instrumental in driving the company’s financial success and operational efficiency. Her story is a testament to the impact that a skilled and passionate finance director can have on an organization. We look forward to seeing Maria continue to thrive and contribute to Kitchell’s bright future.

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