Kitchell elevates structures and ideals through innovation

Kitchell is a name synonymous with the growth of Arizona and the West; its projects have dotted the regional landscape since the firm was founded in 1950. From hospitals to prisons and everything in between, the company has built virtually every building type in a wide variety of locales and keeps its focus on building long-term client relationships, fostering internal talent and driving innovation.

Much of the culture within Phoenix-based Kitchell and its core contracting business, Kitchell Contractors Inc., was embedded in the firm’s DNA by founder Sam Kitchell, according to Dan Pierce, president.

“This whole company’s philosophy and culture is built upon Sam and how he thought,” Pierce says. “He was very good with people and relationships.”

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Construction in Indian Country Conference addresses the need to ‘grow on our own’

The Construction in Indian Country initiative, now approaching its first decade of success, started with a roundtable of a few wise men- former Navajo Nation Chairman Peterson Zah; community manager for the Gila River Indian Country, Urban Giff; and Jeff Begay, a Navajo reservation native from Teestow (Big Cottonwood Tree). The three discussed mistrust, misconception, and misunderstanding between Indian leaders and construction industry personnel.  Jeff Begay is also the Kitchell’s business development manager in its Native American Division

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