Meet our new Director of Justice, Cameron Glass!

We’re thrilled to welcome Cameron Glass to our Kitchell team based in Austin, Texas! With an impressive 23 years of involvement in the construction industry specializing in Justice, Cameron has cultivated a reputation for delivering successful outcomes by utilizing a hands-on approach to give clients customized solutions.

For more info on our newest addition, check out his interview with Executive Director of Marketing & Communications Veronica Delgado.

Veronica: Thanks for joining us today, Cameron. Could you start off by sharing your role at Kitchell and what excites you most about it?

Cameron: Absolutely, Veronica. I serve as the Director of Justice at Kitchell. I’m thrilled to be part of a team with an extensive and diverse history of delivering successful projects that contribute to the development of communities across the country. Additionally, I’m excited to work for an organization that genuinely values its people and believes in their potential as the greatest asset.

Veronica: What inspired you to work in this industry and what do you love about construction?

Cameron: My passion for the justice industry stems from its potential to catalyze generational change for countless individuals. Our work in developing new facilities empowers people to envisage and pursue a brighter future through access to treatment and care. As for construction, witnessing a client’s vision materialize into tangible structures brings me immense joy. It’s about seeing the transformative impact our projects have on communities.

Veronica: Have you specialized in any particular market sector in your career?

Cameron: For the past 23 years, my entire professional focus has revolved around the Justice Market. This realm isn’t just a career path for me; it’s a legacy passed down through generations. My father immersed me in these projects from a young age—I have vivid memories of accompanying him to construction mockups when I was barely eight years old. Those experiences weren’t just about observing; they gave me a hands-on understanding of materials, witnessing tests, and durability against abuse. The scent of burning PVC from those mockups still transports me back to those moments to this day.

Beyond the work, the Justice Market has allowed me to develop relationships that extend far beyond professional boundaries. Some of my closest friends are those I’ve met through this industry, forming a tight-knit community that feels like chosen family. Together, we’re more than colleagues; we’re collaborators united by a shared purpose: to inspire and enact meaningful change within the justice system and its infrastructure.

Veronica: What’s your favorite type of project to work on?

Cameron: I prefer collaborative design-build projects where the entire team, alongside the owner, works together to craft a successful project. This approach fosters innovation, transparency, and efficiency, ultimately leading to exceptional outcomes that exceed expectations.

Veronica: What were your favorite three projects you’ve worked on?

Cameron: My top three projects include the Plumas County Jail, the New Utah State Prison, and the Merced County Jail Remodel and Replacement. These projects stand out for their impact on communities and the relationships formed during their execution.

  • In Plumas County Jail, we spearheaded a crucial transformation for a county grappling with limited financial means. Our efforts led to the county securing state funding to replace a dilapidated 50-year-old jail, which posed significant safety risks for both staff and inmates. The ability to assist a small county in resolving a longstanding facility issue with minimal financial resources speaks volumes. It fosters enduring client loyalty as we become the trusted partner for addressing critical needs and fostering safer environments within communities.
  • At the New Utah State Prison, Kitchell served as the owner’s representative, and it was a pleasure collaborating with Kitchell while fulfilling my role in front-end space planning and programming. Beyond the project’s significant success in resolving Utah’s aging infrastructure issues and enhancing operational efficiency, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the exceptional quality of work delivered by the Kitchell team. This experience left a lasting impression on me, underscoring the proficiency of the Kitchell team and leading me to pursue an opportunity with Kitchell.
  • In the Merced County Jail Remodel and Replacement project, I’ve had the privilege to work with Merced County for a decade, providing multiple projects for the county. We developed a plan to remodel an existing jail facility and replace the aging downtown jail, consolidating them onto one campus. This decade-long project has taught me a lot about communication, resiliency, and teamwork, culminating in a successful project for the county and fostering lifelong friendships within the community of Merced.

Veronica: What was a lesson you learned that changed the way you work?

Cameron: Acknowledging mistakes and demonstrating humility are crucial for fostering trust, learning, and growth within a team.

Veronica: Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

Cameron: Cooking is my absolute passion. With a wife who’s a ninth-generation Texan, mastering BBQ is practically a requirement! But my culinary adventures go far beyond the grill. When I’m not busy in the kitchen, you’ll find me out on the golf course, soaking up precious moments with my family.

Veronica: Why did you choose to work at Kitchell?

Cameron: The collaborative approach and exceptional quality of work demonstrated by Kitchell, particularly in projects like the New Utah State Prison, inspired me to join the team.

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