Kitchell participates in seismic testing for UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center wall units

Kitchell Contractors, Inc. as well as those involved in the construction project  of Jacobs Medical Center on UC San Diego Health System’s La Jolla campus arrived  at Architectural Testing’s (ATI) York headquarters to witness  dynamic seismic testing performed on the 6 ft. by 16 ft. high unitized curtain  wall units that will eventually make up the Medical Center’s facade.

Read more about the seismic testing in this article.

Kitchell begins advance work on UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center

SAN DIEGO (June 3, 2011) – Beginning June 6 Kitchell will start on the first of several projects leading up to the construction of the UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center Tower and Central Utility Plant.

The projects have been coined “Make Ready Projects” and they include nine projects varying in size and scope that are required to be complete in order to begin construction on the 506,000 square-foot Medical Center. The Make Ready Projects consist of a new O2 yard, new food service loading dock, cooling tower relocation, two new mobile MRI pads, emergency egress relocation and several utility relocation projects including relocation of the main power and telecom feeds to the existing Thornton Hospital.

The construction value of these projects is $6.5M and most of the projects will be complete prior to breaking ground on the Medical Center in March 2012 and Central Utility Plant in June 2012.